Hypnosis - Would you like to experience the amazing power of hypnosis?

Sandy Lenz is a certified member of National Guild of Hypnotists

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of mind where you bypass the critical conscious mind so that you can access the subconscious mind which accepts suggestions to help you release limiting or blocking beliefs.

It is a normal and natural state of mind. Have you ever been driving and missed an exit or gone for several miles wondering who was driving the car? Have you been so totally absorbed reading a book or newspaper, or so focused watching a TV program that you didn't notice what was happening around you? We naturally enter a hypnotic state several times during the day and night.

The state of hypnosis is an optimum way to make life changes. It taps our inner resources to access answers and accept new and empowering suggestions.

In 1958, the American Medical Association recognized hypnosis. It is scientifically verified and a powerful complementary tool to help you create desired changes. It works best if you are highly motivated. Doubts and fears, lack of motivation and persistence will block your progress. Having the belief, desire and expectancy can be life changing for most people.

Some issues it can be used for include:

  • reducing fear and anxiety
  • stress management
  • pain relief
  • skin conditions
  • women's issues(fibromyalgia,IBS)
  • pre-post surgery suggestions to help with the healing process
  • panic
  • phobias
  • test anxiety
  • goal achievement
  • money issues-abundance and prosperity
  • clutter
  • confidence
  • self esteem
  • sleep problems
  • past life regression
  • cutting edge techniques to improve sports performance
  • weight and smoking and much more!

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Although Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Zpoint and other alternative and complementary tools are powerful, personal, improvement techniques, they are not intended as a substitute for a licensed medical professional. Sandra Lenz does not diagnose or evaluate or dispense any medical information. Rather, tools and techniques are offered to help you cooperate with the health professional, (doctor, psychiatrist) of your choice in a mutual quest for optimum well being.