Workshops and Classes

Gentle Current offers the following workshops and classes:

Abundance workshop: "How can I get there from here?"

Did you see the movie The Secret, or watch Larry King, Oprah or Ellen? They all talked about the Law of Attraction. You create your world.

It is not because you are not worthy enough, smart enough, there is not enough to go around or you don't deserve it. Or because fate is against you and you are stuck. Clear your blocks to Success.

This workshop will help you attract what you want in life- better health, prosperity, love.

  • Eliminate obstacles and blocks.
  • Address limiting beliefs and learn effective ways to change them.
  • Learn about activating the law of attraction.
  • Learn techniques used by Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan.
  • Go from victim energy to winner energy.
  • Experience guided meditations.
  • Learn the right way to write or say affirmations.
  • Much More!

Build your prosperity consciousness, abundance is there for everyone. The workshop meets for three weeks for 2/12 hours.

Weight Loss Workshop: Clearing the Issues that Keep You Fat - "Not your typical weight loss workshop".

The workshop meets for four consecutive weeks for two hours. A number of different successful techniques and approaches will be taught and guided imagery sessions for various issues will be included every week. Some things that will be covered are:

  • How to stop self sabotaging yourself.
  • How to clear emotional issues that contribute to weight gain.
  • How to stop binge eating.
  • Eating at night.
  • Clearing sugar addictions.
  • Self esteem issues.
  • Extraordinary power of visual imagery.
  • Group guided imagery (hypnosis sessions).
In addition, a class will be devoted to learning and applying EFT to weight issues.

Panic and Anxiety Workshop: A holistic way to help you help yourself

Learn how to calm your nerves and achieve freedom from the "fight or flight" feeling that is occurring in your body.

Sandy has helped many clients alleviate symptoms of panic and anxiety from their lives. This is a two part workshop.

Past Life Workshop: Remembering who you were

  • Have you ever wondered who you might have been in a previous life?
  • What did you do, and who was important to you?
  • What were your life's lessons and did you bring them into this life?
  • Are those lives impacting this lifetime?
  • Are you carrying any karmic debt that can be released in this lifetime?
  • Do you know people who you feel you have known before or are inexplicably drawn to?
  • Are you drawn to different places or have an affinity for particular historic events?
  • Do you have reoccurring dreams?
  • Experience deep relaxation and a guided imagery session to help you find the answers.

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